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Let’s put an end to the lonely desk lunch!

We’ll connect you with groups of lunch buddies to make lunch matter. Safe, secure, and fun– you’re in control of your entire experience.

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Save time and hassle by letting us handle all the scheduling.

Going out to lunch with old and new friends doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll give you some time back in your day by taking the guesswork and uncertainty out of lunches.

World-Class Integrations

Integrates with Google Calendar, Apple iCloud, and Microsoft Excel.

Lightning-Fast Connection Algorithm

Get to know new people and hear about new perspectives by being paired up with random strangers (who’ve been thoroughly screened and vetted).

A cinch to set up and get started

Once you mark yourself as DTL (Down to Lunch), we’ll immediately begin sifting through other users that want lunch, too. We’ll then pair you up and check in periodically.

Conversational Stimulation

How often do you get a chance to get a completely fresh perspective from someone outside of the group you work with or support? Imagine what you can learn!

Meeting Insurance

You can enable an optional feature to require all parties to commit a small $5 amount, and if they don’t show up they lose it.

We’re transforming the way companies think about lunch

Working through lunch doesn’t mean someone is a better or more productive worker. Actually, studies have shown that lone eaters were more likely to be either underweight or overweight. Let’s actually take our break, and use the time wisely!

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